Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Last night.

Last night I encountered a guy I know - a labradoodle owner who, at the place I came across him, had his labradoodle off the lead & two kids rolling manically around on bikes. There was no-one else there at the time & I don't consider that a problem.

He asked me though, what did I think of the latest spate of dog attacks on children, and the PM's comments that further breeds may be outlawed. And what did it mean for us?

I told him it meant that we should keep our dogs on leads when out in public, especially if we own a staffordshire or pit bull terrier.

He solemnly agreed.

Then in the darkness we heard some people attemting to descend a steep & treacherous path. I clipped my dog up, his began barking & running up the path to meet the visitors.

The two people were talking as they came, seemingly oblivious to our presence.

My friend ignored his barking dog on its way to confront these people, he walked in the other direction.

A voice piped out of the darkness above "Shit. There's a dog!" Then more plaintively, "Is this dog OK?"

His owner called out "Yes" and then a high pitched exclamation came over the incessant barking, "Oh hello dog!"

And my friend is a lovely chap, but I couldn't help thinking to myself "Weren't you listening?"

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