Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Spring is coming

I just noticed something... click on the titles of my posts & you'll go all over the web! There is a (n inadvertent BlogThis) reason for this behaviour, I'd just never noticed it before.

But onto the business at hand - Spring is coming, and I mentioned in the linked post below that I'll be spraying trees for fungus & caterpillars in October, after the nut trees start flowering.

SunnyO: By the way

And it's the flowering I wanted to mention - apparently the orchard goes berzerk (nuts?) with mostly white, but some pink flowering trees peppered through them.

And for the spraying, I have a 12 volt battery powered, boom spray on a little trolley. Haven't tried it out yet, but I've sourced gloves, & glasses which are rated for use with chemical sprays, I just need to get a suitable mask now. And I'm in business.

And I'll post pictures of the flowering orchard when the time comes.