Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I don't understand this.

Does Paris Hilton deserve her inheritance? Turns out 79% of respondents to this Stuff poll think she doesn't.

I voted yes, but I was concerned slightly by the question - does anyone "deserve" an inheritance? Can they earn one?

What I don't understand is why anyone even wants a say? (I said "yes" :). Surely it's the decision of the guy leaving the money. And as she's a blood descendant, should he decide to leave her anything, then yes, I suppose she deserves it.

Anyone voting "no" must be doing it out of spite, surely? - Poll Results

Paris see, I'm on your side, should the tide of public opinion turn from here on in, that's 5% of whatever the old bugger bequeaths, right?

Oh hell, I'm not greedy, make it .005% I'm sure I can manage on that.