Thursday, September 08, 2005

Designer Dogs

WookieMe: "Um... what sort of dog is that?"
Person 1: "He's a spoodle."

Me: "A spaniel & poodle cross?"
Person 1: "Yes"

Me: "what sort of spaniel?"
Person 1: "A cocker spaniel I think. Sometimes they're called a cockerpoo"

Me: "Cocker-doodle, surely?"
Person1: "Spoodle."

Me: "Um... what sort of dog is that?"
Person 2: "She's a Doodleman-pinscher"

Me: "WTF?"

Me: "Is that some weird curly haired pitbull terrier?"
Person 3: "She's a pit-boodle"

Me "Of course. Why are all these hybrids crossed with poodles?"
Person 3: "I don't know"

Me: "Let me guess... a labradoodle?"
Person 4: "Wheaten Terrier."

Me: Oh... sorry"

Me: "Um...?"
Person 5: "Rott-woodle"

Me: "Wookie...?"
Person 6: "St Berdoodle"

Me: "Get off the fucking grass! It's a mongrel!"
Person 6: "This hybrid cost me $1000"

Me: "Heh heh..."

Me: "Jack-Roodle?"
Person 7: "Mutt."

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