Friday, September 02, 2005

Yes. We have some coconuts.

Something Che Tibby says in his latest post reminds me of a little mystery I was pondering last night...

"I start to notice little things I'd missed on the initial trip. A Bay leaf tree that I can pinch leaves from. A good pizza joint or noodle bar. A new way to get to where I'm going that saves time or legwork."

I was looking in the pantry last night wondering about the 5 or 6 nifty little packets of bay leaves. Clever, resealable plastic packets. Enough bay leaves to last us a life time.

And from where I was standing near the pantry, I could see out the kitchen window to the backyard, but the view is slightly obscured by the very large bay tree that grows beside the back porch. I could almost open the window & reach the tree to pull fresh leaves off.
Anyway... I suppose it's not as odd as when I and a previous wife were standing in a field on Koh Samui in Thailand, surrounded by thousands & thousands of coconuts which had been blown off the trees the night before. And my wife stopped a passing local to ask him where she could buy a coconut.

I can remember the look on the guy's face as he surveyed my wife, then his gaze veered about 180 degrees as he took in the myriad fallen coconuts.

Then without a word he left us moron tourists to it.