Thursday, September 22, 2005

So who saw Sportscafe last night?

You know what I'm talking about... ;-)

Yes, Rodney Hide! He was so funny. I love it when Ellis tries to ridicule someone much cleverer than him. This is most of the guests as it happens.

Now, I only flicked between channels just as the statuesque blonde was whipping her top off. What was with that? Who was she? Can she have her own show? Please?

Actually, I just need to post something so that people coming here fresh, don't think I'm some sort of Fairy booking agency.

Also, new posts will be light next week, we'll be out of town getting sheep sheared & fixin' fences & other rural wonder stuff (hoedowns, hay baling, sacrificing chickens to the rain gods, marrying cousins etc, y'know, all the stuff they routinely do in those rural electorates that vote National each election - heh. I made that up. Probably.)

Actually, I'm planning a series of bonfires to rival the Southern Alps beacon scene in the Return of the King.

Unlike my inconsiderate neighbours, who fire up in any weather at the drop of a hat, I actually applied for & got a fire permit to do this. Although the guy did ring me to say he'd inspected the site & I was good to go "Make sure you do the burning away from the boundaries... and you do know that the fire has to be quite small? Like a metre by a metre in diameter?" He's concerned because he's seen the 2 immense piles of branches & cut offs that I plan to dispose of, we're talking piles about 5 or 6 metres in diameter & nearly as high.

"Don't worry" I said "I'll be burning out in the middle of the paddocks... where the rubbish is... but I'm not going to just go & light a fire under those huge piles!" Hee hee... of course not (titter).... who'd do that?