Friday, September 02, 2005

The Weekend Forecast

Looks like the weather will be fine & so chances are we'll be up with the larks for netball... last game of the season I believe.

After that, if I get my shit together tonight, I'll be taking our espresso machine in to be repaired... it broke down a week before Christmas last year, it weighs a tonne & has to be delivered to the local agents. Hopefully we'll have it running in time for this coming Christmas.

Then, we're off up to SunnyO, where I will follow the instructions from a nice lady at the Manawatu Beekeeper's Association... and try to deal with a nest of wasps that have taken up residence in a hole in the paddock.... wish me luck. Extermination will be carried out with the aid of some sort of chemical & should be safe for non beekeeping people like me.

We will watch the ABs crush the Ockers later in the evening.

We'll be back in town early, because I have some preparation to do with a resource consent required for work on our car deck to resume (useless architects swore black & blue they'd drawn the plans so we didn't need resource consents, but no, they were a couple of metres out in their measurements... and guess what?). And then I need to amiably persuade the next door neighbour to sign off the proposal... But I am optimistic he will look favourably on it as his privacy will be restored, and the sun is on the other side of his house anyway.