Tuesday, September 20, 2005

WHat's he Dunne with the weather?

I had 101 photos to upload. The image software told me I'd need to delete 1 of them for the lot to display properly. I right clicked on one blurry photo & hit delete & realised some seconds later that it was deleting all photos, from the camera no less!

So what did I lose? A load featuring a dog on Otaki beach (phew! You'll all be thinking), some startling (maybe, I didn't see them before I deleted them) shots of a full moon, with Venus, Jupiter & a bright star forming a triangle around it, some interesting (possibly) shots of the amazing looking Cork Oaks in the gardens - about which I was going to blog, a lot of magnolia & cherry blossom trees also in the gardens, a large pine tree felled from the bank overlooking Magpie Lawn. And goodness knows what else.

Here's what was left... pre-election sunsets. SInce then it has rained, blown, frozen & nearly snowed. And I blame the United Future party for that.