Monday, September 05, 2005

Rockstar IN-waiting....

Llew hogs the Singstar again.M is now solidly hooked on Rockstar INXS. Despite, never having seen Michael Hutchence in action.

I despise all reality TV series, and so I did my best to avoid it. However, late last week I did see part of one episode (some guy who looked too much like Tom Petty sang a Britney Spears song.) The next night I bowed out on discovering that the show appears to be on every day! Enough is enough.

However, in honour of the TV series, a CD purporting to be The Definitive INXS seems to have appeared in our household... and seems to be much favoured in the 12-13 year old set.

And so, on our way up to SunnyO on Saturday, I was fielding the inevitable questions from my in-house career advisors:

"Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?"
"You need a new job!"
"The James Bond gig is vacant - you'd be perfect!' (Bless her little heart)

And in response, I bellowed, in perfect pitch (of course):

I was standing
You were there
Two worlds collided
And they could never tear us apart"

And y'know, I should have given it a shot. Obviously. I'm the right age (and in my younger years would cheerfully have taken Helena & Kylie for a spin), I could have grown my hair long, and lost half my body weight so as not to look too much like Mikey Havoc.
Why did no-one tell me about Rockstar INXS earlier?

In other weekend news, the netball team were crushed 32 - 14 by their arch rivals. Honestly, we weren't in the game. Oh well, that's all behind us now.

And I stood patiently for about 2 hours in a paddock next to a gate, trying to pen 5 unco-operative sheep. Because they badly need crutching, and I want that done before the shearer sees the state of them. And anyway, I need to be able to pen them whenever I want to keep them healthy & maintained.

But it wasn't to be this weekend. Even though they will literally eat from my hand, they do not like coming into the pen. I'll renew efforts next visit.