Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Anger at Labour's 'wandering eye'

This is hilarious, mere days after Gordon Copeland's bravado bid for obscurity, his former party leader, Peter Dunne is throwing a tanty because Labour is paying too much attention to the Greens. He's threatened to open negotiations with National. Except he's also thrown a tanty at National for wooing the Maori Party.

This from the guy who cut the Greens out of any coalition at the behest of the Outdoor Recreation Party, who have now abandoned United Future, so why should Dunne care anymore? Aside from his grandiose delusions of relevance.

Mr Dunne wants some recognition from Labour now of United Future's possible relevance after the next election.

Good luck with that Peter it depends on the votes, but I'm hoping that neither Labour, nor National have a bar of you.

Anger at Labour's 'wandering eye' - 29 May 2007 - NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Hattip to David Farrar who said this of Dunne:

Peter's problem is that in political terms, he is an easy lay.

Now I don't mean this as a bad thing. Peter is a very good guy, who is always a safe and competent Minister, and he doesn't go troppo like Winston does. But it does mean both major parties do tend tio take him for granted

Well I think it's a bad thing & I can see no earthly reason why any party should agree some "deal" with United Future ahead of an election, whatever happens, at a snap of the fingers Dunne would roll over & expose his tummy (or shaft an ally), for anyone.