Wednesday, May 02, 2007

First time boaties

all together now!

Click on any of the pictures for a bigger image.

Came across these people the other day. As we approached we surmised that the first car that had backed up to winch in the boat appeared to be in trouble (as in waves breaking over it).

Another car backed in to the area (which is clearly signposted as being soft sand) and a cable was attached to the first car, which was attached by another cable to the boat & trailer.

The 2nd car became stuck, and to our utter astonishment, they backed in their thrd car to tow out the 2nd, and first, and boat & trailer...


being nosy, and helpful, we swung by for a closer look & to give them the name & address of a guy down the road who owned a tractor.

Meanwhile, the tide was coming in & the sun had gone down.

In between hyperventilation gasps, they told us that this was the first time they'd had the boat in the water. No shit?


They tried several times to pull them all out, but to no avail, the towrope they were using kept coming off the tow bar.

Mrs Llew went with one of them in the 3rd car to get the tractor guy. We left them to it & since there were no cars visible in the surf the next day, I presume there was a happy outcome.

Oh, and the car that first got stuck, and had the waves breaking over it... well that guy had only bought it the day before.