Friday, May 25, 2007

Have Simon & Ali got their State House yet?

Whatever happened to them after they were forced to sell their rundown house in an overpriced suburb?

Anyway, this isn't about them, this is how real people in rundown houses in overpriced suburbs do it.

Pictures would have helped, but I didn't take any.

Our house has the original 1915 bathroom I think. The basin looked like it was from a railway station, or boarding school. The taps did not match even. And the hot tap leaked badly (although, as we have this caliphont arrangement, it wasn't actually leaking hot water, the flow was too slow to trip the caliphont). The basin was badly cracked, but watertight.

Until several years later (Christmas last year) I decided to change the washer to stop the hot tap leaking. It didn't really budge, except I managed to crack the basin even further, so that it leaked onto the floor, and down to the kitchen.

Then, we tolerated that for months, until I had a really bright idea - waterproof the bottom of the basin with Gladwrap (tm). Fucking MacGuyver!

Two months later, we bought a new basin.

Rang our regular plumber - he was on holiday for a month.

Rang him a month later, and several weeks after that (yesterday) he turned up! Yay.

And for the first time in 5 or 6 years, we have a fully functioning bathroom with hot water at the basin, and no water on the floor! And it looks really cool.

And bonus, for some odd reqason, the plumber set our old basin up (sans plumbing) in our front garden, where the neighbours will surely be wondering WTF we're doing putting an ex-railway/boarding school basin in our front garden.

I think I might leave it there for a couple of years.

So progress, progress. One day, after the roof, painting & goodness knows what else, our place will not be a rundown house in an overpriced suburb, it'll just be a house in an overpriced suburb.