Thursday, May 17, 2007

As told to me by someone who heard it from...

Funny, yet awful story told to me by someone who heard it from someone else (so it must be true).

Have you ever attended an open home & been tempted to take a huge dump in the pristine bathroom? I confess it's one of those idly amusing thoughts that crosses my mind at the time. I've never enquired, but I presume soiling the bathroom at an open home is frowned upon.

So there's this guy, who owns a block of land in the Wairarapa & he & his wife are considering building a bunch of kitset homes.

So they commenced touring the kitset home manufacturers & showhomes.

Last weekend, they visited some showhomes in the Carterton area. They had a good old poke around & were impressed. The wife engaged the salesman to talk business, the husband pardoned himself for a few minutes to check out the bathrooms.

In fact, he really needed to take a dump, not inspect the plumbing. So that is what he did.

He couldn't have been too experienced at show homes, because everyone knows the plumbing isn't connected. The toilets don't flush.

Mortified, when this became apparent, he closed the lid, closed the bathroom door, located his wife, made theatrical apologies about remembering that the oven was on at home, and fled.