Thursday, May 17, 2007

The mega rubout at the end.

Some days in business are the pits. Clients call demanding instant and possibly unreasonable action, or to complain about something you have no influence over, creditors ring demanding money.

Some days staff tell you a funny story about how stupid some associates are, and neglect to mention that they waited 11 days before reading the email asking to be addressed with some urgency.

Some days you learn that some people who profess to be trusted partners have been ringing clients lambasting them for working with you, instead of them (actually this happens quite a lot & it amazes me that the trusted partners don't realise the client is going to mention it... good faith anyone?).

And then there are those days that remind you of nothing more than the last acts in all of the Godfather films. The mega rubout which in one fell swoop eliminates all foes, traitors, and lazy staff.

Without even trying!

And now you may kiss my ring.

As they say.