Monday, May 14, 2007

Signs that the countryside isn't too far away


Beats mowing I suppose.

Meanwhile, in breaking news, sheep were found at SunnyO.

How odd is that? Well in this instance they weren't our sheep! I looked up after several hours of digging up hydrangeas (sp) and digging in roses... to see 10 little hoofed animals lining our drive in single file, all looking back at me.

When Wilma & I investigated more closely, 9 of them streamed smoothly back through the gap in the fence they came through. The other went the wrong way & took half an hour to reacquaint with his own paddock.

We'd noticed the sheep next door earlier, they're a new thing. I had already noted that the fence was a bit iffy, but whoever owns the sheep had fixed most of that.

I rang him yesterday & let him know that his sheep were exploring - I'm not as bothered about them as I was the pig, there is far less to eat at our place than the sheep have in their property, so they would have been being nosy. The owner will, I'm sure, fix the fence pronto & I have in fact, offered him 6 more... be cool if they moved next door.

In other sheep news, on Saturday mornin g I did the customary headcount, one sheep alone in a paddock with its head down in the corner, the other 5 in the forest. Wilma & I walked the boundaries, changed the water in the trough, and headed back to the house.

Hmm... that sheep still with the head down in the corner... so we swung by for a look.

And what she'd done, and I think she'd been there all night, but not much longer, is get her head through the fence & jammed stuck with wire holding her above & below the neck. Bloody lucky not to be strangled!

It took 10 minutes to free her, she'd kicked up a bit of mud trying to get out, but was none the worse for wear.

Someone told me years ago, that sheep can be defined as "bags of bones, looking for unusual ways to die". And sometimes I know what they mean. But good result this time.

Still looking for homes for them, but I have a few people considering taking them on.