Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Can Peter Dunne Dance?

And would we want to see it anyway?

And it's all over for another year, the dreadful music, the dreadful jokes, the dreadful costumes, the dreadful celebs, the dreadful presenters & judges. Goneski.

And worse! Jason Gunn returns to the same timeslot in a couple of weeks. Without me though I'd have to predict.

And Suzanne took the honours. And it seems right. Megan might be a wonderful, natural dancer, but there is something slightly off putting about her. Will Suzanne get her new show & enough dosh to pay the creditors? Time will tell.

Highlight of last night was watching Laws, we gasped a couple of times as disaster loomed, but somehow, he managed not to scone Lauren's head on the floor. Well done. And I never thought I'd say anything like this - but the jive from Cole & Candy took our breath on a couple of occasions too.

All that's left is speculation about next year. Rumour has it that Jeremy Wells, Mark Sainsbury, Tom Scott and Don Brash were approached for the season just ended, I guess we can assume they won't change their minds next year.

We're running out of celebs actually, Nerida says she'll be back as a dancer next year, who will she be paired with?

I haven't investigated foreign Dancing with the Stars series, so I don't know what criteria are employed in choosing contestants there, but here they seem to be:

Sports persons
Shortland St actors
Retired politicians
Retired public service CEOs
TV presenters

Who does that leave us? Peter Dunne? Clark & Cullen probably won't meet the eligibility criteria until after the next election, but with luck, we can then add Winston to the list. Blumsky? He's a media whore, but is he well enough known outside of Welly?

Mikey Havoc? And/or his cute wife Claire? Simon & Ali? (Actually, I'd tune in to watch Alison Mau dance in her smalls).


Ahem... How about Judy Bailey then? I bet they asked her already. Damian Christie? (Mate, we'll put in a decent plug so you can have Hayley), Sean Plunket?

I don't know any Shortland Street actors, but it could be any of them.

Alright, I'm well & truly in waffletown now - I throw te forum open to suggestions. Who would you like to see on next year's Dancing With the Stars?