Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Empire (of SunnyO) STrikes Back

The Pig Owner
35 Ngaio Street
Otaki Beach

Dear Sir:

You will recall that I spoke to you at Easter this year about the need to keep your pig out of my property at SunnyO.

I have just fielded calls from my neighbours on the other side of my property telling me that the pig is still a regular intruder & has pushed through the fencing allowing my sheep to enter parts of the garden they have been specifically kept out of.

Accordingly, as I warned you at Easter, I have reported your pig to the District Council who have strict rules about wandering stock, and indeed, pigs on residential property. Please also note that I will be discussing the issue with your landlord & it seems that I may legally be able to claim from you:

1. Reparation for any damage to fences, property & plantings,
2. Reparation for lost feed to my sheep.
3. Trespass fees.

I do trust that you will now ensure that your pig stays off my property & please also note, that should I come across him there at any stage in future, do not expect him to be returned as I will have him impounded & removed.


Aloysius Llewette

Stray Concerns