Thursday, May 10, 2007

Arnie laughs at Paris petition appeal

Saw the headline & thought "I can just picture that". I guess that's the thing about fame, especially fame like Arnie has - we've seen him laugh, I mean, really guffaw, in movies, and you can just imagine him tipping back his head & really letting rip with an Austrian chortle.

Arnie laughs at Paris petition appeal -

However, within the article itself there is absolutely no mention of how Arnie responded, just a business-like comment from the press secretary that the petition will be treated like any other.

I dunno, I take from that than no decision has been made. No laughing so far then.

On a similar topic (misleading headlines, not socialites & terminators), did anyone see the Weekend Dompost article on swingers parties arecently?

the headline said something like "Chances are, there's a swingers party taking place every week in your street."

However, within the article, it transpired that only one swingers club in the whole wider wellington region had been identified, and that they held parties once a month in a street in Upper Hutt.

So. Chances are very slim that there is ever a swingers party in your street, let alone each week, chances are slightly higher if you live in Upper Hutt.