Friday, July 29, 2005

The coming weekend

Netball starts again tomorrow morning (at some uncivilised hour). The girls are playing a new venue this term.

They actually came top of their grade last term & tradition has it that the top 2 teams from each region move to Hataitai for term 2 & play against each other.

So the games will be much harder...

But bring it on.

The downside of this success, is that parking is diabolical at Hataitai. And the courts are so close together, it is hazardous to spectate.

Worse, we have to provide an umpire at each match, who will officiate in another game - this seems fair in one respect, but unfair for the parents who volunteer to umpire - they don't get to see their daughter's game.

Also... few if any of the parents of our team have the faintest idea about umpiring. It does mean that T will be able to focus on coaching though. And we have one volunteer already, but will be scratching for more (and if we get them, I hate to think about the standard of umpiring for those games...).

So onward & upward.

Then on Sunday, it's a rep tournament in the fair city of Wanganui. I'm not going (shame). The Wanganui netball centre is built like a WWII Stalag, very dog unfriendly. And we reason that the weekends are when Wilma gets her quality & quantity family time. So she & I will stay at SunnyO & get picked up on the way home.

I was going to be having a night to myself on Saturday... T & M were to be staying in Wanganui ready for an early start. I was going to feast on baked pork hock (a pork roast for 1). And probably little else... and watch Infernal Affairs...

But we've since discovered that the first game isn't till 11am. So M will still spend the night up there with the rest of the team, T will stay with me in SunnyO (bye bye pork... bye bye Asian Bullet-Fest), and drive up the next day.

Still, I daresay we'll watch something equally interesting & eat something equally delicious... if maybe not so heart-attack-inducing...