Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Emmanuelle Beart Pole-Dancing

Hello Google!

Such a talented girl...I've long realised that what this blog needs is more pictures of Emmanuelle Beart. You might remember her from countless quality French movies such as... Manon de Source, in which she danced naked with a herd of goats... La Belle Noiseuse, in which she posed naked for approximately four hours (the time just flew) while Michel Piccoli painted her portrait.... and Un Coeur en Hiver, in which she phunked badly with Daniel Auteuil's (her real life husband) heart.

Nathalie is about Fanny Ardant discovering that her husband, Gerard depardieu, is being routinely unfaithful. So one night she visits a "gentleman's club" and engages the services of a beautiful prostitute, Nathalie, to catch her husband's eye & report back what melts his buttons...

Pretty soon (a little faster than the wife intended - "I wanted Nathalie to be a normal girl?" - "Maybe she's also an easy lay" is the reply) the younger woman is recounting lurid details of steamy trysts in hotel rooms, and Fanny is inspired to commit her own infidelities.

But is everything as it seems?

Nice performances, talky script, naked French hottie. Pole dancing.

Go ogle.