Tuesday, July 26, 2005

This week's cute animal stories...

But first, the inexorably sad one. See that poor donkey in the paper? Awww....

Now for the survivors...

I think I blogged a while back that Wilma the Wonder Labby can somehow tell which of us, in the mornings, is on dog walk duty. Well the school holidays posed a problem for her. Neither of the first two people up in the morning was on duty. And each morning, after the usual bit of happy dancing around each of us in turn, the realisation sank in... then she'd sit there, drooping, waiting for the third family member to get out of bed & do the honourable thing. Labs are creatures of habit.

Worst thing is, because we were all out of routine, one morning I forgot to feed her... had to go home at lunchtime to rectify the situation when I realised & txted everyone to see if anyone else had.

Fortunately, holidays are over & we're back to our usual routine. Happy dog.

But speaking of drooping, you should see her when we put her car restraint on. It's a bit like when she had to wear a halter for walkies, it's like all the fun gets sucked out of life. I don't know why, but she hates the car restraint. Sulks.

And ooh... nearly forgot... up at SunnyO last weekend, was checking on the sheep - they're probably in need of shearing, but I will wait till spring is imminent... this being the depths of Winter I was expecting the guys & gals to be a bit... underfed perhaps, lacking in energy. But they surprised me no end, at dusk on Saturday night, by putting on a long display of gambolling. Whichis, a sign of healthy & happy sheep.

Way to go guys!