Friday, July 29, 2005

So here I am...

Mythical beastsSitting at home waiting for a tradesman who said he'd be here at 8am.

Pretty annoying really, I've sent apologies & work to the troops in the office via Gmail... I've rung the tradesman's company to find out WTF is going on... and they've continued their long valued tradition of not calling me back.

All I need to do is leave the guy a key so that he can check we still have hot water after he moves the gas meter about 1 metre north. Simple really.

First time I called them to say I'd requested this job to be done & heard nothing back, a guy on their contact centre said "But that was ONLY a month ago.."

Then no-one called me back.

The more recently, I rang & complained (only 2 months since I logged it this time). When I got home I found a nice professional letter saying they'd be here today.

Then 3 days ago they called to reschedule to yesterday & told me they needed access (a minor complication). Them at 8am yesterday they called to say "Sorry, it'll be Friday again now".

Since then, silence...

Thing is, I need this job done before our gas fitter goes overseas in a week or two. He needs to do some work after that. Once that's donw, I can fill in the large trench that runs the length of our front garden & restore some semblance of order...