Monday, July 25, 2005

I see Mallards...

Duck!Weird weekend.... did you watch Lance Baby cross the line at the end of the Tour de France (did you laugh or cringe as the commentators repeated... repeated... contentions that the other guy - Ulrich? - may have started out too fast & run out of steam? And then 30 seconds later, the other commentator repeated... repeated... the same contention as though it were fresh news? And later, they both trotted it out again several times in case we missed it. I hope Ulrich watches the replays, he may have learned something from this year.

I hope Ulrich watches the replays, he may have learned something from this year. You see he started out too fast and ran out of steam.

Anyway... Armstrong. Heh, and this isn't even about him. Did you notice that in the telephoto closeup of Lance racing towards the line & Ms Crowe... that car full of grim & burly men that looked like extras from the Sopranos following closely behind? Well I swear it looked like Trevor Mallard driving that car.

Later, because it was a slow night, and the DVD we got out to watch - The Ladykillers, starring that nice Tom Hanks guy... turned out to be pretty crappy & waaay... too gross for family fare (no kidding, it sucks - watch the old UK original starring Alec Guinnes, that one is great.), we found ourselves watching one of the half a dozen or so channels that plays CSI.

It was the one set in Las Vegas, except it was set hi Los Angeles this week. Teh crusty cop with a heart of gold was in LA visiting his estranged daughter, who has become a hooker. her best friend & colleague goes missing & is later fished out of a lake. meanwhile, somehow, one of the CSI guys is also in LA (we missed the beginning, and so why this came about was beyond our understanding).

but the thing that struck me this week, and I have no idea why I have never notriced it before... is that the crusty cop with a heart of gold & an estranged daughter who has become a Hollywood hooker... appears to be played by Trevor Mallard.

A surreal end to the weekend. Wondering where Trev will turn up next now...