Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Been watching a Spanish/Argentinian film called Cleopatra over the last few nights. It's a Thelma & Louise type road trip through Argentina by Cleopatra (Norma Aleandro), an elderly woman getting away from her depressing & depressed husband & a life dedicated to making ends meet, and Sandra (Natalia Oreiro), a soap opera star reluctantly on the verge of a big Hollywood movie deal.

It's worth a look. Nowhere near as great as say Almadovar's All About My Mother. But pleasant & thought provoking nonetheless.

Also... Oreiro* is just about as hot an actress as you're likely to see in a movie... "the next Sandra Bullock"? No way, loads hotter than that.

* WARNING!: Not pornographic, but not entirely workplace friendly to click on.