Monday, August 01, 2005

Netball update: 13-21

Hah! The girls played (as one of them described it) like headless giraffes...

SO the first game at Hataitai, against the Best of the Best... the team they played won the competition last year (at least, the version from that region that played last year). But they weren't very good it turns out.

But that was OK, because our team were even worse. It didn't help that one of the shooters before the game, on being asked if she'd been practising over the last few netball-free weeks replied "Well I shot 3 goals this morning, and I got them all in."

She then failed to score two in a row for the duration of the game & at half time was audibly chastising herself... the coach will take over that duty at practise methinks.

Still, as the coach noted, it'll do them good to lose. Just not too often.

On the rep tournament front, it was in Wanganui yesterday. Get this, the team didn't lose a game (drew one) but only came 5th... sheesh... still, they were happy.