Friday, August 05, 2005

Hah! That reminds me...

I've commented in the last post that I hope Wilma & I never tripped over Che Tibby & his old girlfriend when they were viewing the glow worms on that particular track.

And it reminded me of one of our perambulations through the gardens a few years ago... another pitch black night, with the stars out in force.

Wilma & I were very near where now sits the James Hector Memorial... just below the Mariri Road entrance to the gardens. We stopped & admired the amazing night sky that night.. and abruptly, the urge came across me. So I made Wilma sit & stay, unzipped my fly & rather noisily voided my bladder. Hopefully, I didn't let rip with a loud satisfied sigh afterwards. I can't remember.

No sooner had I zipped myself back up, than I heard a soft "cough" from about 5 feet behind me. Turning, and switching on my torch, I was faced by a man & a woman, sitting against the large pine tree there, frowning at me, presumably for desecrating their evening's sky watching.

Flicking the torch off, I gave them a cheery hello, and Wilma & I fled.

Um... that wasn't you was it Che?