Monday, August 22, 2005

Netball Update: Crushed 51-20 (or something like that).

Played possibly the best team in the region, they've been together for years, and pretty much all of them are in the Northern Suburbs rep team.

M's girls played really well actually (with one exception who mournfully waved at the ball now & then from a distance). The other team were in another league though.

M's team played so well in the first term, that I had the notion that they could probably beat her rep team in a game.

I have changed my mind, because on Sunday, M's rep team beat the Northern Suburbs team that pretty much crushed her school team on Sunday. Only by one point, but still...

Not only did they win that game, but they won the entire tournament & all came away with little trophies & certificates..

Excellent final tournament, they had considered flagging it away at one stage...