Friday, August 05, 2005

Man... I don't feel like doing anything today.

Despite appearances perhaps, I do not always feel like this. We had a really busy week, and a particularly busy day yesterday. We did another unit's work for them yesterday. We've been pushing back, empowering them with training so they can do it themselves, some of my troops have been bitter, resentful & argumentative (displaying great customer focus), we've pointed out the flaws in what they're doing, lobbied their managers and General Managers, wailed about how this is pointless & will cause us more work down the track...

Then the day before yesterday I had an epiphany, and gathered the team together & sympathised with their blood pressure levels and said "Even though this is stupid, and not our job, and we're going to have to redo it next month... we've spent 3 weeks arguing about it & haven't convinced them... it'd have been a lot less work & will be if we just do it & let them come to the same conclusion themselves."

And everyone agreed & we did it. And we had a bit of fun doing it. And then the unit in question started emailing me back & telling me they'd tried it themselves (which I had suggested, but really considered was a "Tui" likelihood) & pretty much got the same results as us (some errors turned up on both sides - mostly because we & they had a very short window of time & quality checking was scant, so it was a learning experience for all of us).

And so today I feel I've had it for the week now...

BTW: We watched Solaris the other night. Um... what the fuck? I mean, I remember trying to watch the original Russian version (I've always found Tarkovsky a bit dense - with the possible exception of the Mirror), and the Soderbergh/Clooney version is about an hour shorter, but all the same... what the fuck? Quick poll also... is Natascha McElhone hot or haggard?