Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Fantastic Careers # 1

You'll never buy better, apparentlyI had this brilliant idea for a post! Then I did a google search on the person/career in question & discovered that David Farrar had the same idea last August. Bummer. However, I could only read it using the google cache, so it was deleted for some reason...

But the Briscoe's Lady... how long has she been on our screens? Decades! And all power to her. I won't reveal her name, although it's freely available on a couple of sites. Apparently she lives in Christchurch somewhere & is involved in community works.

I've long thought this must be a cool gig. Not only has it lasted a hell of a long time, but it probably comes with all the appliances you could wish for. In addition, she probably maintains some degree of anonymity despite having a World Famous (within NZ) face.

And when it all started, did she (and Briscoe's) ever dream the association was going to last so long? Did she attend a casting call? Was she on some talent agency's books? Did she appear first in Close to Home or Gloss?

Am I just being silly even wondering about these things?

Just to digress, I did know that Miss Lucy's real name is Marvy King (just in case you find that google cache & read the comments). And if I'm not mistaken, she fronts a band with the charming name of "the Growlers". Anyway, if Miss Lucy is still around in 30 years or so, I'll blog about her fantastic career. Although, correct me if I';m wrong, but it hasn't passed my attention that the Briscoe's Lady never had to prance around in a bikini, so maybe dignity pays off in these matters.