Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Fantastic careers - Ira Goldstein

GoldsteinApparently he's been on our screens for 5 years & rumour has it that he came here on the run from Tony Soprano, whose sister he used to date.

And it irks me to report that I can find no information on the guy on the web. Although I seem to recall reading someplace that he did once have a small part on the Sopranos. Lots of info about the people who created the ad campaign though. But who cares about them. Overpaid advertising execs I imagine.

Regardless, Goldstein is one of the most recognisable faces on NZ TV, and presumably he gets flown in once a year or so to film a bunch of new ads.

Good work Goldstein.

ASB - Ira Goldstein - as seen on TV

Preview of coming attractions (maybe):

- Vince Martin
- The Speights Southern Men
- The ORIGINAL Fruju girl
, who was hot, and had a spiky slightly punk harcut & pranced around in a wet swimsuit waving a big hose... not the later incarnations who looked too girl next doorey & who did not look like they could suck an orange through that hose... you get my drift...

Also... I'll take requests.